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I got this off of a mailing list & made it last year. It turned out surprisingly well.

vegan corned beef recipe )
pickling spice recipe )


Dec. 18th, 2004 11:57 am
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Apparently our big crockpot isn't quite big enough for a double batch of apple butter.

At least now the house smells all cinnamony.

ETA: Moved the batch to the big 18-qt. electric roaster instead. All is well.
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A recipe for Figgy Pudding.
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I also promised [livejournal.com profile] insomnia that I'd post this recipe. We had this as part of our Thanksgiving dessert.

Also from the Washington Post

Roasted Balsamic Pears )
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I promised [livejournal.com profile] insomnia that I'd post this recipe, plus another.

From the Washington Post

Mixed Mushroom Pan Roast )
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Last night we did our annual batch of latkes. Latkes are one of our family holiday traditions (it's actually a tradition that we started celebrating with [livejournal.com profile] ag_unicorn, [livejournal.com profile] thats_ms_dragon, [livejournal.com profile] dancing_star, and their children), but since we made some dietary changes this year, I figured I'd probably never be able to have latkes again. However in the spirit of not feeling deprived but not overdoing it, we made latkes & invited [livejournal.com profile] iceblink and [livejournal.com profile] insomnia over to help us eat them.

In addition to the standard potato latkes, we tried a new recipe: matzo meal & cottage cheese latkes. Apparently this recipe was developed by Russian emigrés. They reminded me a bit of hush puppies; maybe needed a bit more onion. I'd like to think that they were probably kinder to my blood sugar than the potato ones, but I haven't actually done the counts on the ingredients, so I could be in for a shock. It's only once a year, though, and I didn't go crazy. Besides, like [livejournal.com profile] ag_unicorn said last year, "I just don't think it would be the holidays without latkes. :)"

Matzo Meal and Cottage Cheese Latkes recipe )
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This recipe assumes that you don't have any leftover squash & are starting from scratch. If your squash is already cooked, just skip the steps for baking & mashing the squash & just use an equivalent amount of cooked squash puree.

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This isn't a vegetarian recipe; it calls for bacon. However, I think the bacon could easily be replaced with vegetarian breakfast strips or left out entirely. For a lower carb version, skip the crust part of the recipe & instead pour the filling mixture into a well greased quiche pan. I'll bet this quiche would be good with 1/2 a cup of sauteed spinach added to it as well!

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Hazelnut Shortbread/Veronika's Sweet Almond Cake )

And a recipe for leftover squash!!
Chilean Squash )


Nov. 18th, 2003 11:07 pm
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I just made a really good cake/cookie out of almond flour, vanilla, Splenda, egg, and butter.

I'd take full credit for the recipe, but it's something that Veronika from work came up with. It's better when you use vanilla paste instead of vanilla extract, but I didn't have any on hand.

I'm sure it would be really easy to veganize... replace the egg with flax seed slurry or Ener-G Egg Replacer, replace the butter with vegan margarine, and of course replace the Splenda (the original recipe called for sugar, but I can't have that) with whatever sweetener you'd prefer.

I've eaten too much of it already!
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I found this recipe in the San Jose Mercury News a few weeks back... it's wonderful!!

Oven-roasted tomatoes )
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I posted this earlier in [livejournal.com profile] veggievictuals, but thought I'd share it with my close, personal friends. :)

recipe )
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Garlic Broth Base for Soup

2 small heads of garlic, peeled and crushed
2 teaspoons olive oil
7 cups water

Remove the green little piece in the garlic (it makes the garlic bitter).

In a heavy pot, heat the oil over low heat & add the garlic. Stir the garlic often until it is translucent and soft, do not let the garlic brown. (This will take about 20 minutes or so.)
Pour in 7 cups of water. Bring to a boil at medium heat, then lower heat again and let simmer, uncovered, for 40 minutes. Add salt and pepper to season if you like.

Credit for this recipe goes to Jo from 2DOLLAR-COMPLETE-MEALS-FOR-4.
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Since we're all sick here, I'm making some onion soup.

Here's my easy version:

Melt a 1/2 stick of butter in a large crock pot, chop up lots & lots of onions. Cook overnight. In the morning, add stock (beef or vegetable, whichever you prefer). Soup should be ready by lunchtime.

You can either serve it with cheese toasts or you can do the whole ovenproof bowl/croutons/shredded mozzerella cheese/broiling thing.

I'm also tempted to make some garlic broth. Good sipping broth for sick people!
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We made some soft gingery molasses cookies tonight. They don;t have any dairy or egg, so I'm pretty sure they're vegan ([livejournal.com profile] watrfae? [livejournal.com profile] ancientnow? [livejournal.com profile] attilathehoney? Any of you know for sure? I know it can get a little iffy if you use white sugar...).

The recipe is here.


Nov. 8th, 2002 03:47 pm
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My crockpot was too small for the chili recipe! I'm using an altered version of the Wendy's chili clone recipe (with Yves Veggie Ground Round, a can of black beans substituted for part of the pintos, celery salt substituted for part of the salt and all of the chopped celery, a can of diced tomatoes & green chilies substituted for the green chilies & part of the chopped tomatoes).

It's supposed to make 12 servings, but apparently they had bigger servings in mind than I did. I had to drag out the big stockpot. It's also a lot more watery than I would have expected, but it's supposed to simmer for 3 hours... maybe some of that will cook away.

I've got some shredded cheese, tortilla chips, and sour cream to serve with it later.
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My kitchen smells good right now. I'm making a no-sugar-added version of apple butter. Should yield quite a few pints!
Here's how I did it! )

My diabetic & hypoglycemic friends (and probably everyone else, since I'm going to have a lot of this stuff!) can expect to find some in their holiday baskets this winter. :D
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I managed to be a little bit productive today. I made two risottos -- one mushroom, one cheese (since Nexus wanted cheesy rice the other day & I figured a risotto would be a good way to make what he wanted from scratch) -- and will use one of them for dinner & use the other one for my lunches this week with some green salad & maybe some crusty bread.
my basic risotto recipe )

Back to work again tomorrow, then another day off.
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I'm making a lentil/barley/vegetable soup today, using up some of the leftovers in the fridge.
I just threw 2 cups of lentils in the bottom of the crockpot, chopped up an onion, 2 stalks of celery, several baby carrots, and threw all of those veggies on top of the lentils. Opened a can of diced tomatoes, dumped that in, added some chopped garlic, some vegetable bouillon cubes, poured in about 1/4 of a bag of barley, and added water to cover. Turned the crockpot on high for now, but I might switch it to low if it looks like it's getting too hot.

We'll see how it turns out... I wonder if I should make some bread to go with it?


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