Jan. 4th, 2005

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This morning is my 1st day at physical therapy for my knee. I have to tell the physical therapist that I have a hard time judging when something is reasonably uncomfortable or when it's actually painful. I'm most likely to plough right through it, even if it's damaging my knee even more, because I'll think that I'm making too big of a deal over it.

Other than that, I really have no idea of what to expect.
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  • RevolutioN and the record label Artoffact present a CD release event for the band HEADSCAN and their new album Dead Silver Sky. We'll have promo CDs to hand out, and will be playing lots of tracks off of the new album.

  • Guest DJ ERROR (CounterStrike, Occam's Razor, The Darkest Hour)

  • In anticipation of VNV Nation's concert Thursday, Jan. 6, at The Fillmore in SF, DJ Mystchief will have VNV DVD posters, flyers for the show and a 30min super mix set of your favorite VNV Nation songs

  • RevolutioN is every Tuesday @ Club Savoy
    3546 Flora Vista Ave.
    Santa Clara, CA
    21+ 9pm / 2am
    Free before 10pm, only $4 after 10pm


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