Aug. 9th, 2005

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Earlier today, I was washing my face and accidently separated the ends of my nose ring (I have a continuous ring unstead of a captive bead ring). Since it wasn't something I could easily fix myself without risk of damaging the jewelry, I called Body Exotic and spoke to [ profile] badassslinky. Within 20 minutes, I was at the shop & she popped the ends of the ring back into place.

Since I was there anyway, I decided to get my ears repierced. They had closed up around 10 years ago and I had been talking about getting them redone.

new earring
My earlobes are still a little red and swollen and the picture's blurry, but you get the idea.

I got 14ga black titanium captive bead rings. Slightly more expensive than the surgical steel would have been, but I like 'em.
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tagged from [ profile] deni_zen

List 6 of your favorite songs of the moment in your own lj and then tag 6 others
to do the same.

(Hmm... gotta narrow it down to six songs, eh? I'll see what I can do.)

In no particular order:

1. "Alpha Omega" by Project Pitchfork (or is it "We Are One (Mirror Split Up Into Pieces)"? Such a tough call!)
2. "Pax Psychosis" by Grendel
3. "Hurt" by [:SITD:]
4. "Die Offenbarung" by Heimataerde
5. "Certainty" by Mind.In.A.Box (although "Lament for Lost Dreams" comes reeally close)
6. "Illicit Dreams" by Noise Unit

I tag [ profile] the_ogre, [ profile] iceblink, [ profile] mystchief, [ profile] papahood, [ profile] rmjwell, and [ profile] mamarose!


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