Apr. 30th, 2005


Apr. 30th, 2005 01:04 am
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I knew after the crisis was over, the physical part would hit.

My body has been trying to fight off some sort of infection and my joints have been freaking out. I know the best thing to do is to keep moving and to stretch things out, but... let me fill your hip sockets with shards of broken glass and see how much YOU want to move!

This is a sort of a pattern. High stress, body and mind go into overdrive, stress ends, body breaks down. I don't even know what's worth complaining about anymore.

Come to think of it, something like this happened last October after I came back from my grandmother's funeral.
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[livejournal.com profile] ldyicefire and I just got back from getting some plants and supplies for our garden. We bought:

  • pineapple mint
  • a terra cotta pot for the mint (since we don't want it to overtake the yard)
  • Cherokee Purple tomatoes (a pinkish-purplish heirloom variety, comparable to Brandywine)
  • Black Krim tomatoes (brownish purple heirloom)
  • Sweet 100 tomatoes (because I like them)
  • lemon cucumbers (yellow globe-shaped cucumbers)
  • Bravo pickling cucumbers (although the lemon cucumbers also pickle well, these are the standard green ones)
  • lemon thyme
  • mixed leaf lettuces (I don't know which lettuces exactly, but we saw some green and red leaf varieties in there)
  • purple petunias
  • variegated oregano
  • seeds for Dwarf Jewel Blend nasturtiums and Moonflowers
  • neem spray (non-harmful spray for the roses to get rid of the rust mold)
  • E.B. Stone Organics Sure Start
  • GreenAll organic soil booster (to mix with the Sure Start, our own compost, and some of the native soil)
  • pruning shears (the ones we have are to small for the rose bushes)
  • a good all-purpose gardening tool

  • We intentionally didn't get any zucchini because we know too many people who have zucchini plants. ;) We also didn't get any basil plants for the very same reason.

    (Yes, we know lots of people with tomatoes, but we wanted these tomatoes!)


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