Jan. 28th, 2005

spiderdust: (blur in purple)
I need to make food that I can't eat. I need someone to tell me if the recipe modifications work.

  • I need to find a new jambalaya recipe for work. I should stress that this needs to be an EASY recipe. Last year, I came up with the perfect one, but I can't use it anymore since we no longer sell one of the ingredients. I have some ideas on how I can change it, but I might need guinea pigs to taste test the new recipe!

  • I'm also debating on changing the King Cake recipe I used last year. It was good, but the sugar glaze was awfully hard & candy-like. I liked last year's recipe because it was pretty simple (another requirement this year... last year I had to make 2, this year I'll have to do 4! 2 for work, 2 for RevolutioN), so I'll have to play around with it a little. Once again, I might need guinea pigs.
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