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I'm trying to find information about two particular ghosts/haunted areas and am having little luck.

[livejournal.com profile] malawry, I don't know if you remember anything about this one; it was in the Banner Elk/Beech Mountain area in North Carolina. Some haunted rural church where a preacher had committed suicide after being accused of doing harm to a young girl, and you're supposed to be able to see him ghost at night. I've been to the church, and I remember that it was in the woods out in the middle of nowhere, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the church, or many of the details of the story.

I'm also trying to find out more about the Maj. David Graham mansion on Fosters Falls, Virgina. I had the opportunity to go into the house one night, but chickened out at the last minute and stayed in the car (we were definitely trespassing, and they had to break into the basement to get inside. I was sure we'd get caught and be arrested, not to mention the whole situation just smacked of something out of a bad horror movie. If we weren't arrested, we'd definitely find a crazy hermit with a pickaxe and a taste for cannibalism!). I'm not sure that waiting outside in a car in the middle of the night was less scary, but it seemed like the more legal choice.

From how my friends described the interior of the house afterwards, it had stairs that led to ceilings, doors that opened to reveal walls instead of rooms, a big chandelier in a bizzarre location, and they couldn't figure out how to get to the 3rd floor.

Anyone able to help me here?
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