Jun. 14th, 2005

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Remember the crazy eBay lady? (No, not [livejournal.com profile] shrijani, I mean the one who kept e-mailing us because she wanted the mobile for herself).

She e-mailed me again yesterday, trying to convince me to put the mobile up for auction because [livejournal.com profile] shrijani refused to sell it to her. (Oh, that's smart. Telling me that you broke eBay rules to see if you could get someone to shaft me, but since it didn't work, you want me to do you a favor. Uh huh. Right. And you did this by sending messages through the eBay system. What a bright girl you are!)

So, I reported her. After all, she had sent me 5 e-mails about this thing, and I don't know how many she sent to [livejournal.com profile] shrijani.

Now she's e-mailed both of us AGAIN, claiming that I'm a mean person for reporting her. How dare I do that, when she was offering me a fair price for the item and she has to take care of 5 kids and couldn't bid at the last minute because her computer crashed! *hand to forehead*

When you see an item that you want and are willing to pay $75 for it, there's an easy way to do it without watching it constantly. explanation of eBay's automatic bidding system )
So she could have bid her $75, looked at the auction once a week or so, and won. She probably would have ended up paying only $42 or so, since I think my max bid was $39.19 (or something like that).

But she never made a single bid. Not one. And now she's making a big fuss because she wanted it and didn't get it.

I don't feel too bad for her. That's how these things go. I've certainly lost auctions before (and I actually bid on the items!), and I didn't send out a bunch of e-mails begging people to sell the items to me anyway. Life goes on; they're just things. Nice things, but just things.

In any case, I'm ignoring the last e-mail I got from Psycho Lady, and will really enjoy my mobile when it arrives. I'd take pictures of myself opening the box, pulling it out, and hanging it in my house -- and then send her the pictures! ha ha! -- but that probably would be mean spirited. ;)


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